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The Bible For You

M G Gutzke     The following sketch was used to introduce Dr. Gutzke (1896-1993) and his ministry while he was active with The Bible For You. Shortly after his 91st birthday Dr. Gutzke set aside this work. The Bible For You continues to promote the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and this includes printing some remaining manuscripts of Dr. Gutzke.

    This web site is an extension of that work.
"What Is THE BIBLE FOR YOU?", a pamphlet written by Dr. Gutzke, will serve as our Mission Statement. Another pamphlet titled "The Bible For You" also describes the history of the organization and its purpose.  Starting with Dr. Gutzke's first booklet, a personal testimony, and continuing with Bible study materials, we will put as much of the printed materials of The Bible For You as we are able on this site.

We also plan to present some of the old Bible For You radio broadcasts as MP3 files. To hear some audio samples click here .

     Dr. Manford George Gutzke is a man who depends upon Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of his life. Dr. Gutzke's great love and concern for people have led him to present Bible truth in a simple, clear, plain everyday manner; thus the idea, Plain Talk About Bible Truth for Everyday Living.
     Dr. Gutzke grew up in a farming community in Manitoba, Canada. As a youth he wandered into agnostic skepticism. Conversation with a believing farmer and Gutzke's own study of the Scripture led him to faith. (His testimony is begun in a booklet entitled "Out of Darkness").
     Manford Gutzke began his career as a teacher and in time began to prepare for law practice but soon found himself answering a call from God to give himself to the Gospel ministry. He is well qualified to speak from God's word as he is a graduate of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles. He received his M.S. degree in psychology from S.M.U. and was awarded a D.D. degree from Austin College. Later he earned a Ph.D. at Teacher's College, Columbia University, New York.
     Dr. Gutzke is an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church, U.S. and professor emeritus of Columbia Theological Seminary. Since retiring from the Seminary he has devoted himself entirely to preaching and teaching the Word of God. That the Lord is blessing his work is seen through the growing number reporting that faith in Christ has become very real to them.

   The files on this site use the PDF format and the Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 5.0 or above) is required to view them. If you don't have the most recent version of Acrobat Reader installed, click here to download a free copy.

   The material on this site is copyrighted by Dr. Manford George Gutzke. We request that the credit for authorship remain with him. To God belongs the Glory. With that in mind, all files are free to the public to download, print out, copy, or send electronically for non-profit educational purposes.

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John C Grier

   These seven booklets, written over the course of his ministry, comprise Dr. Gutzke's personal testimony.

Out of Darkness (176KB) - What happened to lead him to faith in Jesus Christ.
Into His Marvelous Light (232 KB) - How he was led to commit himself to life service as a witness for Jesus Christ.

The Call to Serve (180KB) - Committing himself to become an ordained minister of the Gospel.

Providence in Preparation (156KB) - Ways of Providence in preparing for witnessing.

Echoes in Witnessing (192KB) - Ten situations witnessing before he began his work as an ordained minister.

Ten Testimonies that Blessed My Ministry (164KB) - Persons whose personal faith affected his ministry.

Wells Without Water (164KB) - Challenging, personal thoughts about the Church in the world today.

PhD Memo (84KB) - This memo is a transcript of Dr. Gutzke describing his PhD work at Columbia University in NYC.

   The main written product of Dr. Gutzke's work with The Bible For You was the series of Plain Talk Books. It was always his aim to open up the Scriptures and discuss them just as they are. He made it a point to use plain, everyday language so that an average, ordinary person who was interested could learn more. There were also Study Guides printed to go along with the commentary for many of the Plain Talk Books.
   The Study Guides contain references to the page numbers in the original Plain Talk Books. In reformatting the books for the Internet, the original page numbers would have been lost, making the Study Guides almost useless. In order to avoid reindexing the Study Guides, and thereby completely severing the electronic versions from any existing original Plain Talk Books or Study Guides, we have decided to put the page numbers from the original manuscripts in parentheses throughout the electronic versions of the Plain Talk Books. This way a person can still find the references in the Study Guides whether they are using the electronic PDF version or an old original already in their collection.

NOTE: These files are rather large and may take several minutes to download, depending on the speed of you Internet connection.

Plain Talk About the Books of the Bible (320KB)

Plain Talk on Cheif Persons in the Bible (156KB)

Plain Talk About Christian Words (936KB)

Plain Talk on Colossians (343KB)

Study Guide on Colossians (63KB)

Plain Talk on Christ In You (116KB)

Plain Talk on Corinthians (490KB)

Study Guide on I Corinthians (43KB)

Plain Talk on David (67KB)

Plian Talk on Deuteronomy (235KB)

Study Guide on Deuteronomy Part 1 (30KB)

Study Guide on Deuteronomy Part 2 (30KB)

Study Guide on Deuteronomy Part 3 (29KB)

Plain Talk on Ephesians (349KB)

Plain Talk on the Epistles of John (187KB)

Plain Talk on Exodus (418KB)

Plain talk on Ezekiel (172KB)

Plain Talk About the Holy Spirit (664KB)

Plain Talk About Isaiah (129KB)

Plain Talk on Isaiah (1020KB)

Plain Talk on Matthew (1100KB)

Study Guide on Matthew (108KB)

Plain Talk on the Minor Prophets (239KB)

Plain Talk on Peter and Jude (375KB)

Study Guide on I Peter (38KB)

Study Guide on II Peter (35KB)

Plain Talk on Peter and Paul (481KB)

Plain Talk on Mark (788KB)

Study Guide on Mark Vol. I (132KB)

Study Guide on Mark Vol. II (136KB)

Plain Talk on Leviticus and Numbers (211KB)

Plain Talk on Life and Teaching of Christ Jesus (148KB)

Plain Talk on Luke (664KB)

Plain Talk on John (916KB)

Study Guide on John (120KB)

Study on The Gospel of John (144KB)

Plain Talk on Acts (880KB)

Study Guide on Acts  (64KB)

Plain Talk on Galatians (328KB)

Plain Talk on Genesis (480KB)

Study Guide on Genesis Part 1 (88KB)

Study Guide on Genesis Part 2 (88KB)

Plain Talk on Great Events in the Bible (161KB)

Plain Talk on Hebrews (508KB)

Study Guide on Hebrews (104KB)

Plain Talk on Hosea (202KB)

Plain Talk on Job - Ecclesiates (203KB)

Understanding the Ways of the Lord - 1 (67KB)

Understanding the Ways of the Lord - 2 (46KB)

Study Guide on Job - Ecclesiates (40KB)

Plain Talk on James (358KB)

Plain Talk on Jeremiah (388KB)

Plain Talk on Philippians (465KB)

Plain Talk on Prayer (331KB)

Plain Talk About Real Christians (227KB)

Plain Talk on the Resurrection (134KB)

Plain Talk on Revelation (752KB)

Plain Talk on Romans  (630K)

Study Guide on Romans (45KB)

Plain Talk on Ruth and Daniel (143KB)

Plain Talk on Spiritual Living (322KB)

Plain Talk on Thessalonians (178KB)

Plain Talk on Timothy, Titus and Philemon (399KB)

   The following additional booklets and pamphlets are also available as PDF files. We are continuing to add to this list.

All Things Work Together For Good (112KB)

Angels at Christmastide (17KB)

The Apostles Creed (46KB)

As For Me And My House (45KB)

Basic Doctrines In The Book Of The Acts (56KB)

The Beatitudes (63KB)

Behold Thy King (47KB)

Bible Helps (23KB)

The Bible In A Nutshell (92KB)

Blessed Hope (69KB)

Born to Serve (156KB)

Bringing Up The Child (86KB)

Called by Grace to a Life of Love (219KB)

Christ, the Peacemaker (244KB)

The Christian (49KB)

The Christian and the Campus (232KB)

The Church (240KB)

The Church in Action (86KB)

Commit Thy Way (97KB)

The Controversy Over the Bible (120KB)

Count Your Blessings (72KB)

Courage For Commitment I (45KB)

Courage For Commitment II (45KB)

Division, Despair and Hope (194KB)

Does a Christian Ever Need a Doctor (78KB)

The End of the World (76KB)

Effective Christian Education (152KB)

Faith (61KB)

For Such A Time As This (211KB)

Four Favorite Messages (136KB)

The Fruit of the Spirit (92KB)

Giving Thanks Always (108KB)

Go (43KB)

The Go Gospel (Mark) (238KB)

God (95KB)

God Our Dwelling (92KB)

The Gospel (58KB)

Grace . . . in Christ (105KB)

The Greater Commandment (148KB)

The Guidacne of God (76KB)

Heaven (11KB)

Help Thou My Unbelief (416KB)

The Holy Spirit (83KB)

How Can I Be Sure? (136KB)

How Can I Be Forgiven (82KB)

How Can I Know the Will of God (68KB)

How God Could Lead You (106KB)

How To Becoma A Christian (133KB)

How To Know The Peace Of God (108KB)

How To Make a Success of the Christian Life (78KB)

How to Trust God (133KB)

How To Understand Suffering (88KB)

How To Use The Bible Effectively (24KB)

I Believe in Miracles (180KB)

If You Were the Only Christian (148KB)

In God We Trust (50KB)

Insights In The Gospel Of John (90KB)

Insights into Isaiah (64KB)

Insights Into James (27KB)

Introduction to the Bible (196KB)

Jesus Christ (51KB)

Jonah (120KB)

The Kingdom of God (320KB)

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled (132KB)

Living in Faith (88KB)

Living in the Land (160KB)

Living in the Spirit - Is It Real? (756KB)

Lord . . . Teach Us To Pray (88KB)

Love Thy Neighbor (114KB)

Man (54KB)

Marks of a Real Christian (35KB)

The Meaning of the Gospel (41KB)

The Meaning of Grace (85KB)

The Message of John (51KB)

Messianic Prophecy (61KB)

My Brother - Walter Gutzke (45KB)

Once To Die (46KB)

Parables of Jesus of Nazareth (96KB)

A Plan For Bible Study (120KB)

The Plan of Salvation (124KB)

Praise God . . . Always Part I (144KB)

Praise God . . . Always, II (49KB)

Praying In The Old Testament Part I (168KB)

Praying In The Old Testament Part II (196KB)

Predestination and Election (128KB)

The Priesthood (336KB)

The Privilege and Power of Prayer (180KB)

A Profile of a Plain Talk Teacher (84KB)

Profile of the New Testament (156KB)

Profile of the Old Testament (192KB)

A Prophet Like Unto Me (41KB)

The Reality of Angels ( 188KB)

The Reality of Demons (39KB)

The Reality of Heaven (22KB)

The Reality of Hell (21KB)

The Reality of Resurrection (120KB)

The Return of the Lord (43KB)

Samuel and Saul (39KB)

Saved to Serve (Studies in Second Corinthians) (117KB)

The Savior As Seen in the Exodus Part 1 (363KB)

The Savior As Seen in the Exodus Part 2 (638KB)

Sin (51KB)

Sing a New Song (91KB)

Sing a New Song, Part II (105KB)

Some Women of the Bible, Part I (45KB)

Some Women of the Bible, Part II (52KB)

Souls In Prison (404KB)

Studies in Job (264KB)

Study in Love (136KB)

The Superiority of Christ (50KB)

Taiwan, Viet Nam and The Philippines (99KB)

This One Called Jesus (236KB)

Understanding the Bible (100KB)

The Virgin Birth (124KB)

Wanderers, Slaves and Kings (223KB)

What Can Christmas Mean? Part I (168KB)

What Can Christmas Mean? Part II (168KB)

What Christ Thinks of The Church I (48KB)

What Christ Thinks of The Church II (49KB)

What is American Democracy? (30KB)

What Must I Do? (96KB)

The Whole Armor of God (41KB)

Why I Cannot Accept Evolution (43KB)

The Will Of God (184KB)

Witnesses Unto Me (189KB)

Your Guide To The Bible (42KB)